Lars fra mars

Lars fra Mars lander på vores planet lige omkring BETA torsdag kl 01:00, skal du med på rejsen ind i hans univers, så vær klar:’


According to scientists, around 4 billion years ago, the red planet  would have had enough water to cover its entire surface with a liquid  layer about 140 meters deep. However, the most likely thing is that  the liquid would end up accumulating and forming an ocean that  would have occupied almost half of the northern hemisphere of  Mars, reaching, in some regions, depths greater than 1.6 kilometers.  And according to the discoveries we made in Granular Spectrum,  perhaps this was the home of Marsopolis, an adventurous and wild  world that was immersed in the depths of the current red planet and  perhaps the place where Lars From Mars comes from. 


Denmark’s Lars Graugaard is a prolific and chameleon-like pioneer  with a degree in flute-playing and a Ph.D. in interactive music.  With a background in a very contemporary mix of musical styles that  include contemporary, improvised and urban, Lars moves with ease  between a variety of musical areas that range from abstract sonic  statements to effortless, street-smart rhythm designs. He has over  200 score compositions released on numerous LPs, CDs and digital  formats to his credit, and numerous releases of electronic music on  a wide range of international labels. 

His compositions have a direct appeal and are highly crafted. There  is at times a strong eclecticism in his music, and he adapts to the  circumstances of a commissioned composition as he discovers the  unique creative possibilities that can bring different areas together  into a coherent whole. 

Moreover, Lars permeates his creative process with recent  discoveries in human perception and cognitive musicology, and all of  this makes for a body of musical work that speaks to senses and  mind. 

In electronic music, Lars uses the computer as his performance  tool and real-time composition instrument exclusively, which he  programs according to his needs. Everything coming from his  laptop is generated in realtime – no musical phrases, groupings or  section are pre-recorded – and this allows him to instantly create,  guide and affect musical expressions. To do so, he incorporates  insight into human cognition and meaning-making in sound into his  programming as the point-of-departure for a music that is rich and  intriguing yet easily appreciated by the naked ear.  

Artist: Lars from Mars 

Release name: Marsopolis 

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