About Fællestival

What is Fællestival?

Fællestival is a 100% non-profit festival, located at the southern part of the island Fyen (Funen).
This underground festival is organized by a group of crazy danes who came together to make a party for their friends.
The party later evolved into a small festival based on core values and principles of community, collaboration, freedom & fun. All this is set in the beautiful Danish countryside, in Snævren.

Formally we are an association, with a board of trustees that oversee the yearly party, where the members of the association are invited and this party is what we call Fællestival. The word 'Fællestival' is a combination of the words 'Fælles' ("together") and 'Festival'.

The price of admission varies depending on what you choose. For the entry fee you get three full days of music, nature, art, food and not to forget: PARTY.
We all help each other out with the tasks involved in the festival (cooking, cleaning, playing etc), that is guests as well as crew. This is a part of our festival concept and also a reason why we can keep the price that low. Brunch and dinner is made by guests in collaboration with the ambitious food lovers that make up the Fællestival cooking team.

We don't have a dedicated english version of the website, but you can browse the website in english using Google Translate. While the translation might not be top notch, it will allow you to get through registration and such 🙂 There is a security question on registration site - don't write "yellow" as the answer, it expects the answer in danish: "gul" 😉

We have a group of competent music lovers who try to pick the best music for all the guests.

All bands, DJs, Yoga instructors, bellydancers and so forth are welcome to write  faellestival.booking@gmail.com and we will consider your application.

Hope to see you there!
The Fællestival Crew